About us

Personal Air Transport (PAT) was founded in Malta by two partners whom combined their passion for flight experience in commercial aviation with the highest standard medical professionals. 
PAT’s primary goal is to transform the ordinary business or medevac flights into extraordinary experiences by providing excellent service to our customers.
All our airplanes are monitored by the best aeronautic centers in Europe, supported by ground staff available 24/7, specialized medical equipment EURAMI -"European Aero medical Institute" certified.
We are determined to ensure high quality personalized service to our clients tailored to their specific needs.
Our mission is to make our clients proud to fly with PAT.
Safety, quality and comfort - You decide when and where!
Flightcrew of two. Typical executive seating for six passengers, with max seating for nine.
Our flights are operated by pilots with over twenty years of experience and knowledgeable medical staff with the best international certification