The Gulfstream 100 was designed fly long distances at high speeds.
It can easily complete nonstop trips from Rome to Dubai or from Bari  to London and has a maximum cruise speed of 0.87.5 Mach.
It lives up to the standards of reliability and high performance in private jets that Personal Air Transport and its owner, have come to be known for.
The Gulfstream 100 can climb directly to 37,000 feet in 16 minutes. It can reach its highest speeds of 470 knots, or about 0,875 Mach, at an altitude of 41,000 feet.
For comparison, the Boeing 777 typically cruises at only 35,000 feet. It is advantageous to fly so high for two reasons: first, 41,000 feet is above
most inclement weather, and second, there is almost no air traffic at such a high altitude. For long-range flights, the G100’s speed is typically 430 knots
at an altitude of 43,000 feet, 8 passengers and 2 Crew.
The maximum rated flight ceiling for the Gulfstream 100 is 45,000 feet. The cabin is rated to 8.8 psi, meaning it can
maintain a sea level cabin at 23,000 feet.